Help yourself or a friend get through these ISO Blues with our ISO Gift / Self Gift Seafood Box. 


What's inside you say?
1 x Greeting card 
1 x 120g Australian Flake portion

1 x 120g Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon portion - Sashimi A Grade
1 x 120g Australian Barramundi portion

1 x Dozen Tasmanian Pacific Oysters - Freshly shucked

1 x Cooked Lobster 

1 x Kilogram of Whole Cooked South Australian Prawns

1 x Kilogram Cooked Crab Claws


We are all doing it hard in Victoria, so why not share the love and send yourself, friend or family a ISO GIFT / SELF GIFT BOX to brighten up yours or their day :D 

ISO Gift Seafood Box