These portions on average weigh between 100-200g each and are a perfect plate size portion.

Barramundis flesh is pearly pink and when cooked the meat turns clean white. Barramundi has a firm, moist texture and large flakes and this fish is prized for its sweet, buttery flavour. 

Australia’s Aborigines dubbed this species barramundi, meaning river fish with large scales; it spends most of its life in rivers, migrating to estuaries to breed and then returning to its original river system. A member of the sea bass family, barramundi is native to Australia’s northern tropical waters and parts of Southeast Asia. 


This portion of Barramundi is a perfect dinner serving size. It is completely boneless and ready to cook. This portion is a vacuum packed portion and can last up to 6 months in your freezer


Not to mention these portions will last up to 6 months in your freezer, so all you need to do is pull one out before you go to work and slip it in the fridge to defrost for it to be ready to cook when you get home from work.  

Barramundi Portion Frozen (100-200g)