Blue Eye has a medium-firm texture, with a large succulent flake. The fillets are a nice white colour and have good Omega-3 content resulting in a distinct buttery flavour.

Blue Eye has shiny blue/black sides which fade to silver on the belly. They have a characteristic blunt snout, low-set eyes and a large mouth, giving them a rather unique appearance. Scales are somewhat small compared to another bass.

They are caught in deep water off the coast. They tend to inhabit areas on the outer shelf and upper slope of the rough, rocky ocean floor, and congregate around seamounts and offshore reefs.

Blue Eye is caught using the long-line fishing method only, ensuring excellent quality stock.

These whole Blue Eye Fish are frozen at sea to lock in their freshness. 

Our Blue Eye comes Snap frozen with no head & no guts you will receive 4-4.5/kg worth of Blue Eye (2-4 fish) 

Blue Eye Wild Caught Whole

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