Spanner crab is truly delicious. It has a unique flavor – sweet and with a firm flesh – and is so versatile it should be a staple in every kitchen. Fraser Isle Spanner Crab is perfect in an omelet, or with an Asian style broth, in homemade sushi or stirred through pasta along with chili and garlic. 


This predatory diet could be the reason why the spanner crab’s meat is so incredibly sweet, and why the flesh of the spanner crab is never stringy like other crab meat, but soft and irresistibly succulent. Understandably spanner crabs are often compared to lobsters, but we think lobsters are like spanner crabs.


With so many similarities to lobster as well as its unique taste, texture, diet, habitat and appearance, is it any wonder that we think Fraser Isle Spanner Crab is a culinary experience everyone should try

Cooked Spanner Crab Meat (500g)

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