Hiramasa is the Japanese word for the yellowtail kingfish species, and in Japan it is highly prized as a superb sashimi fish.


Its firm, white flesh has a fresh, sweet and clean flavour that, when well prepared, retains moisture and has a silky mouthfeel. The common wisdom is that it's best served as sashimi to appreciate the high quality of the fish, however, Head advises that it's also rich enough to hold its own when paired with more robust ingredients and flavours.


Its broad-flaked texture and minimal bone structure make it an easy fish to work with, and one that is favoured by chefs for easy eating and luxurious mouthfeel, while the skin crisps brilliantly.


This fish has been caught and prepared by Clean Seas and Vacuum Packed straight away for freshness! If you are looking for that authentic Sashimi flavour how about you check out our market-fresh Kingfish (whole or filleted for you) right here..


Kingfish Fillet Hiramasa Frozen

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